Feminism Is for Everybody: Passionate Politics by Bell Hooks

31 Aug 2014


This book was a good, short read that is accessible to anyone who is interested in not only women’s issues but sexism and other -ism’s. I started this book before only to give up (less than half a year ago), but powered through it this time. It can be a little dry in places.

Hooks educates us about the myth of feminism being an anti-man movement and of patriarchy being just about rule by men, and discusses the need to eradicate all forms of sexism, all forms of abuse, and the domination of the powerful over the weak.

Feminism is not an anti-man movement. No only are men required to sustain and bolster the movement, but also on an individual level, heterosexual women are empowered by the support of anti-sexist partners and fathers.

Patriarchy is not just about the rule of men (though that is the literal definition). When women subjugate other women, when one class subjugates another class, when parents physically or emotionally abuse their children, they are reinforcing the pillars of the patriarchal society, which is about oppression.

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