Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison

02 Oct 2014


I listened to the Random House Audiobooks audiobook version of this book.

About the audio book:
* The narrator was more _dramatic_ than I am used to. For example, the laughing–the narrator has a great laugh that is used frequently in various voices. I’m trying to decide whether this is a good thing.
* The voices used for the different characters were great, and more distinct than in many of the other audio books I’ve listened to.
* I’m not sure I would’ve gotten through the novel smoothly considering the pacing of the book, which switches between a regular plot, poetry, and soliloquy.

About the book:
* How much of the book is allegory?
* A very interesting mixture of prose and poetry. I especially liked the poetry in the beginning of the story related to the church sermon, and later about the rhythm of Harlem.

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