Age of Ultron

16 Nov 2014

Ultron destroys everything, and it’s up to the remaining heroes to defeat him. But how do they fight through the robot army, and where is Ultron?

The graphics in this book are amazing, especially after reading Days of Future Past recently. The action is just so much more dynamic, not only with respect to the plot, but also the layout.

My favorite scenes involve an alternate reality Iron Man who reminded me of Pinhead or the Strangers from Dark City. The side stories included after the main story are also very interesting, and I was not aware of some of the side stories including Superior Spiderman and the Apocolypse Twins.

One other particular I enjoyed was that the action pretty much goes from an initial reunion with Ultron, to a world that has fully succumbed to his rule. I’m glad that the story cuts right to the aftermath of a supervillain assault, rather than pretending that a villain with almost infinite planning could not take over the Earth.

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