Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin

10 Dec 2014


Minli’s family is poor. To learn how to change their fortune, Minli undertakes a voyage to ask the Man of the Moon, who knows everything.

This is a beautiful story perfect for children that ties together a number of shorter stories through the framework of Minli’s voyage. Not only does it have elements of Chinese folklore and mythology, but there is lesson about what fortune truly means.

My favorite short story here was the one about Wu Kang. He wants more out of life and even when the divine mysteries are revealed to him, he continues to want more. He is tasked to chop down a tree that continually regenerates itself in order to learn patience and contentment. This is an important concept and lesson for life, as we strive so hard and always yearn for more, we must learn how to be content.

I’ve been on a kick to read picture books focused on Chinese culture to my daughter, and Grace Lin had written a number of them, so I picked this book up as well. It’s definitely one I’ll be waiting to introduce her to as she starts to understand more.

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