Mistborn: The Final Empire

16 Feb 2015

I listened to an audiobook version of the Mistborn.

I picked up Mistborn because a fellow Brandon Sanderson fan recommended it. I’ve read the first two books of the Stormlight Archives series (all that is available at the moment) and loved them for their pace, rich and unique world, and the interesting and deep characters. I was originally wary of starting his other series, since I was not sure how good they could be compared to the Stormlight Archives series.

Mistborn: The Final Empire didn’t disappoint. Not only is the world as rich and complex as the one Sanderson has started to create in the Stormlight Archives, but this series has an aura of strangeness and mystery that makes it stand out. The book features creatures called Steel Inquisitors with steel spikes beaten into their eyesockets. Who knows how they see, but they are formidable and deadly. It’s like something out of a Silent Hill game.

Some of the plot elements are what you’d find in any popular fantasy. There is the plucky young wizard/adept with an unlucky past but with so much potential. There is the battle hardened veteran that acts as the adepts tutor and mentor. There is a cast of supporting characters that guide the adept through her training. But that’s just the setup. There is so much more to this story including a big heist, some Pygmalion training, and a battle against the Lord himself!

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