The Black Company by Glen Cook

31 May 2016

The Black Company is the tale of one of the last free companies of mercenaries in the world. They wind up honor bound to serve Soulcatcher, one of the Taken who serve the Lady like the Ringwraiths serve Sauron.

The Black Company’s officers win increasing renown in the Lady’s service by securing decisive victories against rebel forces. This brings them closer to the Taken known as Soulcatcher, as well as to the mysterious Lady.

My favorite scene was one where the protagonist, the company’s annalist and doctor, participates in an ambush after a harrowing magic carpet ride.

One of the things I enjoyed most about this book is the casual nature of the conversation. The jokes and capers between the company members is a refreshing slice of life look at company life.

This is recommended for fantasy lovers looking for an alternative to high-fantasy, or that desire more of a military focused work.

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