this week is bread week each of the baked goods

02 Feb 2015

This week is Bread week! Each of the baked goods featured here were my first attempts ever. Not pictured are chocolate chip and walnut cookies, a taco night we had, and some egg sandwiches. It’s also my first time making chocolate chip cookies from scratch, as well as the banana muffins shown.

The broccoli in the crispy orange beef I made was a little tough. I wanted to make sure they were flavorful so I added them in early into the sauce to cook, but I think this draws out the moisture and makes them chewy. The chive cakes I made were a grainy because I rushed them out of the steamer. It was going on 10PM or so and I wanted them in the fridge, but didn’t give them enough time to cook.

I’m especially proud of the Wonton Soup, which I think is starting to taste more and more authentic.

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