Ball King

04 Jun 2015

Ball King

Ball King is my latest waiting-in-line time filler. I find basketball-shooting-type games fun in general. There was Paper Toss that spawned many clones on mobile. Going further back, I played No Dribble Basketball for weeks. I find this more fun than those and most of the other time fillers I’ve played in the past few years including Flappy Bird and Crossy Road. 

Whereas other games change the player’s position each shot, this game changes the hoop’s position. This allows you to always keep your hand in the same position–the holy grail of casual, mobile gaming. All you do is drag a bit to alter the trajectory of your shot.

One of the things that makes the game tricky is the wind, whose strength is indicated by up to 3 arrows in a direction shown on the backboard.

Another is the presence of coins and letters that you can collect by forcing contact with your ball. This requires changing your trajectory to one you may not be used to.

Finally, this game borrows the IAP model from Crossy Road in the form of balls and players you can unlock. 

I’d be happy with just the gameplay but it’s obvious the developers put a lot of thought and love into the game, from making the IAP optional to the simulated physics of the chain-link net. I highly recommend you download this game to try it out!

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