The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

16 Nov 2014


The adventure continues with Bilbo, Thorin, and company evading pursuing Orcs by venturing through the forrest of the wood elves. They eventually make their way to the Lonely Mountain where they meet Smaug.

One of my favorite scenes is the battle with Smaug. CG is used to full-effect here, with the dragons undulating and writhing body flowing through the underground spaces pursuing the dwarves and hobbit alike.

Another interesting scene is a barrel-ride down a river, fleeing pursuing orcs. A barrel-rider somehow exits the river, spins and bounces multiple times into enemies, and the camera is focused on that barrel the entire time. The cinematography and effects were excellent.

Overall, it was a solid next movie, and I’m eagerly waiting for the conclusion of the trilogy.

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