Green Lantern: Emerald Knights

26 Nov 2014

This movie is a collection of several stories told through the framework of the instruction of a new Green Lantern namedArisia. There are stories about LairaSinestro and Abin SurMogo the Living PlanetKilowog, and the first Green Lantern, Avra.

The animation is really fluid. This is exemplified in the story about Laira and her fight with the Golden Dragon. The choreography of the fight and cinemotograpy is capitivating, with interesting angles, and flowing movement.

My favorite story was one about Kilowog in boot camp. He suffers under the tutelage of a tyrannical drill master, demonstrating his sense of duty to the Corps as well as his devotion to his team members.

This is your typical DC animated movie with solid visuals and story and definitely recommended for Green Lantern fans.

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