07 Dec 2014

In a hungry world ravaged by blight, a pilot-turned-farmer may be the only hope humanity has left to survive.

I saw this in IMAX and one of the things that struck me the most about this movie was how beautiful the visuals were. There is this scene with gas rolling off a celestial body that looks like a churning waterfall–absolutely stunning.

The storytelling was of the quality you’d expect from Chris Nolan, although I thought this movie was a little more straightforward and tropy than his other movies (specifically Memento, the Prestige, and Inception).

Possible Spoilers Ahead!

I never really accepted the whole love is a fundamental force of nature or a dimension. It seems sappy/tropy to me.

But I really loved the treatment of relativity and higher dimensions in this movie, which made those concepts it really approachable, including the very easy to understand explanation of how wormholes are supposed to work.

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