The LEGO Movie

08 Dec 2014


The “special one” meets a master builder and joins other master builders in fulfilling the prophecy and defeating Lord Business.

The graphics were really cool, and instead of just being a typical CG movie, nearly everything is rendered as LEGO blocks including ocean waves.

Another thing that I appreciated was the references to other movies, most obviously The Matrix, with Emmet as Neo and Wyldstyle as Trinity.

The humor was great, and a perfect fit for Parks and Recreation Chris Pratt, so much so that I wonder if it was written for him. Will Ferrel is the villain Lord Business, and channels his work as Mugatu in Zoolander. Among other adult humor is some mocking of typical movie tropes including the hero’s inspirational speech in the middle of the movie that takes a self-ridiculing turn. Another favorite was Batman’s portrayal as an angsty, self-absorbed hero.

The movie was suprisingly watchable, and one of those movies that succeed on different levels, entertaining for both adults and children.

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