29 Jan 2015

The cave echoes with the stones you scatter as you climb ever deeper. You need to see it yourself, there is something built into you that needs the validation. Finally you come to it, sweat dripping into your eyes. On the wall of the cave, written 30,000 years ago with some robust pigment, a crude but clear cariciture of a man. He points at a formation of 4 stars, like a signpost pointing the way home.

My favorite parts of the movie were two scenes involving David, both involving questions about his soul and existence. In one of the scenes, David asks Charlie why he wants to meet the Engineers. Charlie says that he wants to know why they made humanity. David asks Charlie why humanity made androids. David responds, “because we could.” The other scene involves Dr. Shaw, who asks David what he will do when he doesn’t have to take orders anymore. He says he will be free. The parellels of the Engineers to humanity and humanity to androids are as clear and unambiguous as is the parellels with the story of the titan Prometheus.

My least favorite part was the scene with the curious biologist. I thought it didn’t add much to the movie and seemed too much like a typical horror movie trope.

I loved this movie, and I plan to watch the Aliens quadrilogy very soon!

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