Begin Again

14 Feb 2015

Gretta sits sullen on a barroom sofa, and barely registers her name as Steve, playing a set at the top of the room, asks the crowd to give her some encouragement. Steve wants her to play something for the room, but if she tries to play now, she’s liable to explode in an emotional meltdown. But Steve keeps the pressure on and she yields to it. Gretta starts off slow but melts into the song, one of lonliness and accusation. The audience is uninterested and oblivious, except for one disheveled, older man, who, bleary-eyed, erupts with applause as the song ends.

Begin Again is about betrayal, moving on, and music. My favorite parts mostly involve playing music (Adam Levine is in it and sings several different times). I also really enjoyed the relationship between Gretta and Dan, a musician and her agent/producer. Finally, I also enjoyed all the different portrayals of the various relationships in the movie, which always seeemed to avoid cliche.

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