Poker Match v1.0.0

06 Jan 2015

This is version 1 of Poker Match, a match game using poker-style hands as match types: The source is at: The specific source for this tag:

I’m thinking about participating in, but I’m not decided yet–this would be the first entry.

Here are some notes about the first version:

After playing this game awhile using the current interaction mechanism, which is similar to the one that Bejewled uses, which swaps the positions of two adjacent pieces (it’s actually closer to Tetris Attack where the pieces stay switched), it seems like it’s preferable to use the Boggle system of matching, which requires the player to draw a line across the pieces that match.

I’m at odds over whether to implement this type of matching first or to improve the piece dropping logic, which fills in the board from the top down. Having that kind of logic would allow me to start with a board that doesn’t have any existing matches, and also allow me to clear matches proactively as they occur using new dropped pieces.

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