Poker Match v2.1.0

17 Jan 2015


This version of the app actually adds some game elements, creating two different game modes: “Endless” and “Score Attack”. Endless matches the previous style of play but adds a score display. Score Attack consists of (currently) 3 levels with objectives to meet a certain score that increases with each level.

From a technical perspective, this release adds a number of things including score display, some UI elements such as buttons, game modes, levels, and a level manager to tie them together.

On the build side, a new grunt task using grunt-usemin handles the messy work of concatenating and revisioning files–important for cache-busting. I enjoyed this mostly because I never setup usemin myself in angular projects and didn’t know exactly how it worked.

I’m halfway through the month and although it’s kind of a game now, it lacks a lot of polish. Of all the ideas for games that I had, this one is the easiest, which means I probably won’t be able to complete #onegameamonth to the letter. Indeed, with my other obligations, I’ll be lucky if I can complete one game every two months.

Next up is deciding whether to polish this up with some nice graphics, add some more features like a new game mode and more match types, or just stop here and try to continue on to the next game idea.

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