Schoolyard Sim 02da14e

17 Feb 2015

Schoolyard Sim (02da14e)

Schoolyard Sim is another entry I’m working on for onegameamonth. It’s supposed to be something approaching Theme Hospital for school playgrounds the longer I work on it. This commit (02da14e) completes a set of commits that make it usable (but I wouldn’t say playable). Pretty much the only thing that you can do right now is to click on the grid to place attractions. Placing those attractions will affect 3-canned kids that are already added to the simulation. You can see their stats at the top right.

As the simulation progresses, the kids choose an attraction to enter at random, stay there for some duration as defined by the type of attraction, and then exit. Their stats such as health and morale are effected by using an attraction and by not being able to use one (because there are none available).

Some of the next features I’ll be implementing include:

  • Additional influencing metrics such as the safety of attractions
  • A nicer display of children (so you see them on screen as sprites)
  • Interactions between children

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